HRH The Princess Swan

HRH The Princess Swan aka NurSwan, La Princesse Cygne Imperiale, La Princesa Cisne Real, is an unashamed monarchist who promotes amongst other democratic tenets, that of freedom of speech, and equality of all; on record as having profusely refused an invitation to a State Visit of Animal Farm. First in line to the throne of The Purple Crown aka The Jacaranda City (sometimes disguised as the Capital of the Republic of South Africa) she is also in line to the thrones of The House of Windsor, La Casa de Su Majestad el Rey, La Maison Royale du Maroc, amongst others, due to common ancestral lineage borne from the Cradle of Humankind, Africa.  She has, however, voluntarily seceded her lineage to the Stato della Città del Vaticano.

Her Royal Duties as decreed by the Imperial Jacaranda Palace are those of the promotion of international cultural relations, equality of gender and gender expression, as well as the promotion of a free media.  In this vein she offers audiences on cultural matters, ensures that her voice is heard via the airwaves, and serves on a number of boards either as member or preferably as its Head, which is mostly what Royals do best.

Equally decreed to promote relations to the public, and organise their lives, she juggles her honed socialite skills. She does have a string of knaves and knights,  more numerous than the amount of pearls in The Crown Jewels, always  ready to position her soap box, from which she constantly propagates (and often agitates) her opinions, which she prefers to have tested against empirical scientific social stratas and the rules of logic. Open to constructive criticism, she is highly intolerant of fools who profess to their respective rights to opinions disproved by logic and science, but, she sometimes still wishes that the Earth was flat in order to jump over the moon.

She is a mistress polyglot who has mastered English, Afrikaans, French, Spanish (well getting there), has attempted smatterings of Xhosa, KiShwahili and Kinyarwanda and would be able to decipher the gupshup of the spoken Urdu word.   Her direct number is 555……


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